Copalita Waterfalls

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Experience an amazing adventure through nature with a visit to the Copalita Waterfalls, where a thrilling day awaits as you discover this scenic place in the Huatulco jungle.

Copalita Waterfalls

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Copalita Waterfalls is an amazingly scenic nature landscape near Huatulco Bays. Take the road that leads to San Miguel del Puerto where the off-road path heads to San Miguel del Puerto for an amazing adventure through rivers, hills, over bridges, and through mountains. The journey begins in the low forest and gradually ascends to the tropical forest also known as an evergreen jungle where the coffee plantations are.

The climate of these two ecosystems is vastly different. In the low forest the trees lose their leaves during the dry season and the temperature is hot and humid. The evergreen forest in the backdrop of La Sierra Madre is always green and exuberant and is almost always cooler than the low jungle.

Discover the Copalita Waterfalls after a walk through the jungle where you are accompanied by the sound of birds and surrounded by lush vegetation, colorful flowers and the occasional butterfly of which a great diversity of these calls this place home. As you approach the falls you will soon hear the relaxing sound of the water falling to the natural pools below.

The Copalita River feeds the stream which then runs through the jungle forming waterfalls. There are more than thirty waterfalls, one of them of twenty meters high. The water is cool most of the time as it comes from the high streams of La Sierra which is more than 2000 meters high. The clear, blue water forming natural pools is deep enough to dive from the rocks above.

The most beautiful and colorful of the different waterfalls is 'El Chorro', which has a free fall of 25 meters and 'La Grande', which falls from 20 meters. Such height makes these sites ideal for the practice of rock descent. You can also discover the pools that form at the bottom where you can swim and cool off.

This is an exciting, active and adventurous option in Mexico, if you are a thrill-seeker, this is the tour for you!

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We recommend wearing comfortable, weather appropriate clothing over your swim suit and comfortable walking shoes suitable to hike in the jungle.
Guests should be in moderate physical health in order to hike to the waterfalls. This tour is not wheelchair accessible.